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Illusionetwork is a Videogames and Realtime 3D, AR/VR/MR Applications Developer for Desktop,
Consoles and Mobile platforms.


With more than 15 years of experience in Design & Development, Illusionetwork has been developing high quality videogames on PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft XBOX ONE.

During the last few years we designed, developed and published more than seven products on different platforms. For more information about our products please take a look at the PRODUCTS SECTION.


In the last few years, Illusionetwork, has extended its Know-How and improved itself after developing more than 20 apps on different platforms. We develop native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others.


Here, at Illusionetwork, we spend tons of hours of R&D in many CG fields such as Augmented, and Virtual and Mixed Reality using all the available cutting edge technologies.

Illusionetwork is the publisher of the Award Winning and World’s First Realtime 3D Immersive Reconstruction: Voyager, the ancient Roman Forum reconstruction for mobile devices.

We keep growing looking forward to the next frontier of entertainment and interaction of Virtual and Mixed Reality, working with many of the most advanced and amazing technologies such as Oculus, PSVR , HTC Vive, Windows Holographic and much more.


In order to reach the highest level of quality, realism and artistic design, we work with talented developers and designers who help us to create great products in Computer Graphics.


Some of our main products.

About Us

Illusionetwork is a Videogames and Realtime 3D Ar/Vr Applications Developer for Desktop, Consoles and Mobile platforms. It was founded by veteran developers coming from Digital Entertainment, Architectural Visualization and Design, Engineering and Prototyping.

Thanks to its vast network of talented consultants and developers, Illusionetwork is able to deliver high quality products aligned with the highest industry standard.

Company Details

VAT/P.IVA: 08407961005

Registered office:
Via Antonio Baiamonti 10
00195 Roma

Via Antonio De Viti De Marco 40
00191 Roma